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Die Türschilder aus der Anfangszeit von IQDoQ.

IQDoQ is your specialist with a keen sense for processes and documents

IQDoQ is your specialist with a keen sense for processes and documents. As a subsidiary of the Materna Group we have specialised in software for efficient document management. For over 25 years we have been developing digital file solutions which make document-based processes significantly simpler. Today our HyperDoc and IQAkte brands are synonymous with efficient, future-driven document management which has already proven itself in some 1.000 projects to date.

We speak your language – a huge benefit when it comes to industry and company-specific requirements. We are proactive – which is why our applications are scalable and boast versatile interfaces for connecting them to ERP, CRM, HR and other systems. We are future-driven – meaning we are always up-to-date on the latest regulations and continually adapt our solutions to the latest compliance requirements.

The IQDoQ story at a glance


Using the document management system HyperDoc, IQDoQ implements its first archiving project – the start of the continuous further advancement of the product.


Both HyperDoc and our customer base are grow continually, which is why we are pooling our business resources: as a spin-off from our parent company Materna GmbH, IQDoQ is positioned as a document management company with a strong focus on individual projects and solutions.


With 15,000 simultaneous accesses to the system of the German Employees' Health Insurance (Deutsche Angestellten Krankenkasse; DAK) – a first time high – the installed solution IQDoQ puts on an impressive show of its capabilities.


With the digital personnel file IQAkte Personal, IQDoQ launches the first standardised product of the newly introduced IQAkte family. By focusing on a specific specialist topic or specialist process in each case, the trendsetting product line allows for a particularly efficient document management of personnel files – a benefit that even small and medium-sized companies have been keen to take advantage of.


Following the success of IQAkte Personal, IQDoQ now also assists customers with the newly introduced IQAkte Vertrag for the efficient management of contract files.


A new top achievement in IQDoQ’s story: With Dynamic Parcel Distribution DPD, two million documents are archived in a single day for the first time.

Committed to efficiency
for more than 25 years.


Frank Rüttger
IQDoQ GmbH Managing Director

Frank Ruettger ist die Geschäftsleitung bei IQDoQ GmbH.