Digital contract management. Simple. Fast. Secure.

Efficiency under contract. Hand(s) on our heart!

IQAkte Vertrag will make your filing cabinet lighter. With the digital personnel file you can manage all your contractual documents easily, quickly and securely. Whether you are an SME or a corporation: the intuitive interface, individually defined access rights and smart features make contract management more efficient than ever.

Use these features to get the most out of your digital contract file:

  • Client-compatible contract management
  • Integrated workflow and deadline management
  • Template management and personalised document creation
  • Approval and test workflows with escalation
  • Tamper-proof archiving
  • Role-based rights concept

IQAkte Vertrag – quickly explained in simple terms (German video)

Here is a selection of our customers

Caveras Treuhand GmbH als Kunde von IQDoQ.
DPD als Kunde von IQDoQ.
GEODIS Logistics Deutschland GmbH als Kunde von IQDoQ.
Rems-Murr-Klinik ist Kunde von IQDoQ.
vtours ist Kunde von IQDoQ.
W.O.M ist Kunde von IQDoQ.

Customers / References

Swiss Competence Center Records Management Certifies Document Management System of IQDoQ


The document management system HyperDoc of IQDoQ has successfully passed the certification procedure of the Swiss Competence Center Records Management (KRM), located in Zollikon, Switzerland. Here version 6.2 of HyperDoc has been evaluated. The assessment was based on the guidelines of the Swiss Federal Tax Administration (ESTV) regarding the value added tax and the regulation for business records management (GeBüV), in particular its requirements regarding the integrity and security of archived data. As of now IQDoQ distributes the solution enhanced by a requirements configuration for Switzerland which ensures the legal conformity at the end user.

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