Digital contract management. Simple. Fast. Secure.

Make your contract work for you.

Upcoming contract terminations. Need for active risk management. Questions on ongoing contract negotiations. Sounds familiar? It does to us. And that is precisely why we have developed IQAkte Vertrag – the digital contract file that takes over administrative tasks for you and ensures optimum transparency.

Document management today is this simple

Everything at a glance

Information on contracts, contract items, contract partners and correspondence is directly available.

Integrated deadline management

No missed deadline, no follow-up queries, no stress: the digital contract file reminds you by email of the most important deadlines.

Smart contract controlling

Analyses and evaluations – active risk management has never been easier.


All saved documents are tamper-proofed – made possible by the periodic TÜViT certification*.


IQAkte Vertrag is ready to use in just five days – as a customised solution adapted to your individual requirements.

Supported workflows

From contract creation to contract management through to correspondence with contract partners and contract conclusion – IQAkte Vertrag works for you.

Just like on paper – The IQAkte Vertrag editing features
Dokumentbearbeitung in der digitalen Vertragsakte.
Create documents – The IQAkte Vertrag MS Word integration feature
Dokumenterzeugung innerhalb der IQAkte Vertrag.
Everything under control – The IQAkte Vertrag deadline management feature
Fristen setzen und einhalten mit der digitalen Vertragsakte.
Document-related memories – The IQAkte Vertrag deadline management feature
Fristenmanagement mit der IQAkte Vertrag.
Everything under control – The IQAkte Vertrag form view
Geöffnete digitale Vertragsakte.
Browse a contract file – The IQAkte Vertrag DoQFlow view
Durch eine Personalakte blättern – Die DoQFlow Ansicht der IQAkte Personal
Manage contractors – The IQAkte Vertrag partner management feature
Partnerverwaltung in der IQAkte Vertrag.
Current task overview – The customisable IQAkte Vertrag home page
Startseite unserer digitalen Vertragsakte.
Efficient contract processes – The IQAkte Vertrag template management feature
Vorlagenverwaltung innerhalb der IQAkte Vertrag.

or a presentation

Swiss Competence Center Records Management Certifies Document Management System of IQDoQ

The document management system HyperDoc of IQDoQ has successfully passed the certification procedure of the Swiss Competence Center Records Management (KRM), located in Zollikon, Switzerland. Here version 6.2 of HyperDoc has been evaluated. The assessment was based on the guidelines of the Swiss Federal Tax Administration (ESTV) regarding the value added tax and the regulation for business records management (GeBüV), in particular its requirements regarding the integrity and security of archived data. As of now IQDoQ distributes the solution enhanced by a requirements configuration for Switzerland which ensures the legal conformity at the end user.

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