The digital personnel file and digital HR.
Simple. Fast. Secure.

More than just digitised paper files.

No more paper mountains and lugging heavy files! With IQAkte Personal you can manage your personnel files electronically – and thus more efficiently and securely than ever before. Instead of traditional paper files, all personnel-related documents can be accessed directly in the digital personnel file. Simple, fast, secure. Across locations, intuitive and with custom defined access rights. For small and mid-sized businesses or international corporations.

This is how the digital personnel file optimally supports your workflows:

  • All employee information available at the click of a button
  • Integrated workflow management
  • Personalised letters and documents
  • Analyses for personnel controlling
  • Process documentation template

IQAkte Personal – quickly explained in simple terms (German video)

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The digital personnel file: Your benefits

Finally: File management at the press of a button.

Complex day-to-day operations. Stressful enquiries on a variety of different issues at the same time Frantic searches for employee data. Sounds familiar? It does to us. And that is precisely why we have developed IQAkte Personal – the digital personnel file that takes over administrative tasks for you and finally lets you manage your data at the press of a button.

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Information management today is this simple

Everything at a glance

Personnel-related and more general HR information is readily available. This frees up time for more important tasks such as strategic HR work.

The personnel file that pays off

No lugging of heavy files, no stamps to send out pay slips, no storage: the digital personnel file saves money, space and administrative effort.

Certified security from tampering

Regular TÜViT certifications of the personnel file in operation – a solution you can rely on.


IQAkte Personal is ready to use as a customisable standard solution in just five days.

Simplified workflows

IQAkte Personal provides efficient support for the workflows in the HR department.

The perfect foundation for planning

The digital personnel file optimises your personnel controlling through analyses and evaluations.

Current task overview – The customisable IQAkte Personal home page
Document-related memories – The IQAkte Personal resubmission feature
Search for documents across all personnel files – The IQAkte Personal search mask
Search for an employee file – The IQAkte Personal master data view
Employee skills at your fingertips – The IQAkte Personal skill management feature
Search within an employee file – The IQAkte Personal form view
Browse a personnel file – The IQAkte Personal DoQFlow view
Just like on paper – The IQAkte Personal editing features
Create personalised letters – The IQAkte Personal MS Word integration feature
Independent file access – The self-service feature for IQAkte Personal managers

or a presentation

The digital personnel file: Your features

As simple as paper. But smarter.

IQAkte Personal combines a range of smart features that make managing employee-related data noticeably easier. As a specialist with a keen sense for processes and documents, IQDoQ developed a tool in the form of the digital personnel file which makes creating, editing and archiving as well as structurally evaluating all employee data as simple, fast and secure as never before.

Digital personnel file

It goes without saying that IQAkte Personal manages all your employee data. But it will also help you stay on top of applicants and any personnel documents that don’t refer to individual employees.

Intuitive like paper

Browsing, highlighting, and adding post-its and notes – IQAkte Personal is a simple to use as paper. What’s more: you can also link documents, add audio comments and use the keyword and full-text search.

Integrated template management

Your life has just become easier: The integrated document management automatically generates personalised letters – optionally also with barcode for automatic returns detection.

Easy to file, quick to find

Documents from MS Office or MS Outlook can be saved to the corresponding employee file directly from the application. Paper documents are recorded by the integrated scan client.

Standard interface to the HR software

Everything just fits together: employee master data from your HR system, and optionally also the salary data and documents, are copied across automatically and updated regularly.

IQAkte analytics

Analyses and reporting: the optional analysis component will, for example, show you the distribution of age structures, skills and salaries in the company – even graphically and in conjunction with Excel.

IQAkte Personal.App

Mobile personnel files: The IQAkte Personal.App makes it easy to take individual documents or whole files with you on your iPad.

Employee self-service and manager self-service

A web client provides employees with (temporary and limited) access to their own file or the files of their employees.

Integrated workflow engine

Like clockwork: IQAkte Personal quickly and reliable takes care of everything from reminders, forwarding documents for processing, submitting and processing requests, and individual workflows.


The tamper-proof, encrypted storage, the role-based permissions system and the management of the application directly in the HR department offer maximum data protection – without needing to go through IT administration.

Client capability

Versatile yet individual: IQAkte Personal manages multiple clients on one system without them having access to each other’s data.

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