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IQAkte Personal is a real all-rounder. One of its many talents is the digitisation of existing files.

Using automatically created separator sheets, IQAkte Personal ensures that your scans are correctly assigned as they are recorded. You alone decide how much detail is to go into preparation. Do you want to scan the entire file into one file that is divided into individual tabs and documents when it is first called up? Then one separator sheet is all that’s needed. Or do you want all documents to be available for single access right away? The one separator sheet per document is necessary beforehand. Would you like us to advise you on the perfect strategy for capturing your company’s data? We’ll be happy to help! And if you want to outsource the digitisation process, we’ll tell you which scanning service providers are especially reliable.

Selected scanning service providers and scanner manufacturers

DOS Dokumentensysteme GmbH ist Kunde der IQDoQ GmbH.
Frankenraster GmbH ist Kunde der IQDoQ GmbH.
Fujitsu Technology ist Kunde der IQDoQ GmbH.
Hewlett-Packard GmbH ist Kunde der IQDoQ GmbH.
Imasol GmbH ist Kunde der IQDoQ GmbH.
InoTech GmbH ist Kunde der IQDoQ GmbH.

Zukunft Personal 2018: IQDoQ Highlights Digital HR For the Digital Personnel File

At the exhibition Zukunft Personal Europe (Cologne, Germany, September 11-13, 2018, hall 3.2, booth C.03) , IQDoQ, a subsidiary of Materna will present innovative Digital HR use cases for the digital personnel file IQAkte Personal. The out-of-the-box application is rapidly implemented in only 5 days and may then gradually be extended to a comprehensive Digital HR platform. In addition to components from IQDoQ, also innovative partner technologies are leveraged: As an example, Materna will present the integration of HR-Chatbots at its booth, which reply to standard requests of candidates for a company, regarding development opportunities and job offers in an automated way. The scan service provider imasol advices prospects about an efficient initial integration of paper-based documents and how to use additional digitization services in daily business.

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Webcast: IQAkte Vertrag digital contract file

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  • 28/09/2018 11.00 - 12.00

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