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With HyperDoc you’ll make your workflows more efficient and find all the information you need at the press of a button. This will allow you to provide a better service and enjoy closer relationships with your customers. The same principle applies to us: we try hardly to understand your specific challenges and processes. Furthermore we are a reliable partner you can always count on. In all aspects – from development to project management through to support or also to running of your solution.

Your additional benefit


As it is continually advanced, HyperDoc meets not only your requirements but also those of your customers – individually and intuitively, today and in the future.


HyperDoc is adaptable – whether you have 10 or 15,000 users, 100 or 2 million documents per day, a standard solution or a highly customised application.


Deployed successfully for more than 30 years. With high degree of system stability and ongoing further development.


HyperDoc supports all document- and data-based processes – from digital mail distribution to invoice processing and digital files through to company-wide archives.

Secure from tampering

HyperDoc is periodically certified by German accreditation body TÜViT during active operation in accordance with the test criteria for document management solutions (PK-DML).


HyperDoc works reliably in any environment – and without limitation; for any industry, department, company size or platform.

Current task overview – The HyperDoc home page
Find everything at a glance – The HyperDoc scrolling feature
Pure documents – The HyperDoc full-screen view
Just like on paper – The HyperDoc editing features
Order in the filing cabinet – File and hierarchic structures in HyperDoc
Create personalised letters – The Hyperdoc MS Word integration feature
All deadlines under control – The HyperDoc resubmission feature
Graphic workflow creation – Process design with HyperDoc

Swiss Competence Center Records Management Certifies Document Management System of IQDoQ

The document management system HyperDoc of IQDoQ has successfully passed the certification procedure of the Swiss Competence Center Records Management (KRM), located in Zollikon, Switzerland. Here version 6.2 of HyperDoc has been evaluated. The assessment was based on the guidelines of the Swiss Federal Tax Administration (ESTV) regarding the value added tax and the regulation for business records management (GeBüV), in particular its requirements regarding the integrity and security of archived data. As of now IQDoQ distributes the solution enhanced by a requirements configuration for Switzerland which ensures the legal conformity at the end user.

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