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HyperDoc is very multifaceted – and shows you exactly those facets that’ll help you. Designed as a modular system with freely combinable components, the information management system HyperDoc adapts perfectly to your needs. Choosing from a multitude of possible features, we select exactly those that will noticeably simplify your specific workflows – in a standard solution (IQAkte), based on proven templates or highly customised. The result is a custom solution that provides perfect support for your company-specific processes.

IQAkte division

These ready-to-use products are customised as part of a fixed-price model and can be deployed in just five days. Currently available are IQAkte Personal and IQAkte Vertrag

IQAkte Personal IQAkte Vertrag

HyperDoc templates

Using these ready-made software components, we design custom applications with minimal effort. Examples include our incoming mail, invoice and email management solutions, and digital customer, supplier and insurance files.

Custom solutions

You operate in a niche segment and are faced with specific challenges? No problem. Based on HyperDoc’s cutting-edge technologies, we will develop a completely new EIM solution based on your specifications.

You will also benefit from HyperDoc’s flexibility and numerous customisation options. Enter the next era of information management with us!

So what can HyperDoc do for you?

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