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The information management system HyperDoc is platform-independent, highly scalable and extremely flexible – to guarantee that the IT processes in your company run smoothly, and to allow you to actively shape change processes. This is ensured by the open system architecture alongside the various interfaces. In the further development of HyperDoc we systematically focus on innovative technologies – and thus guide you safely into the digital world of tomorrow.

Cross-platform compatibility

  • Operating systems
  • Databases
  • Application server
  • Storage media

Application interfaces

No matter on what platform: HyperDoc can be deployed anywhere and complements your existing IT infrastructure. The platform independence extends from the database to the flexible integration of various storage media, through to the operating system and application server. It is thus not surprising that HyperDoc adapts with ease to your system landscape.

System interfaces

The HyperDoc client works together with, for example, MS Office, MS Outlook, Lotus Notes and Windows Explorer to capture documents and data directly from external apps. Just as easily, the server automatically transfers documents and data from other applications such as MS Exchange, Lotus Domino, SAP, CRM or ERP systems. To ensure that the data transfer runs smoothly, the Hyperdoc server applies predefined rules or archiving cycles that you can rely on 100%.

You would also like to integrate Hyperdoc functionality in portals and browser-based applications? For such cases HyperDoc is equipped with practical web interfaces.

Individual interfaces

To make sure that everything always works just as intended, we designed HyperDoc as an open system architecture and equipped it with individual interfaces. HyperDoc can therefore communicate even with applications with no standard interfaces – for example, when you are working with proprietary programs.

In such cases, the HyperDoc features are offered as services – and you have the opportunity to take advantage of the full potential of our future-driven information management system.

Technology partners

IQDoQ hat als Technologiepartner ABBYY Europe GmbH.
IQDoQ hat als Technologiepartner EMC Deutschland GmbH.
IQDoQ hat als Technologiepartner IBM Deutschland GmbH.
IQDoQ hat als Technologiepartner humanIT Software GmbH.
IQDoQ hat als Technologiepartner I.R.I.S. INc.
IQDoQ hat als Technologiepartner Red Hat GmbH.
IQDoQ hat als Technologiepartner Microsoft Deutschland GmbH.
IQDoQ hat als Technologiepartner NetApp Deutschland GmbH.
IQDoQ ist Oracle Gold Partner.
IQDoQ hat als Technologiepartner PostgreSQL.
HyperDoc ist SAP zertifiziert.
IQDoQ hat als Technologiepartner WildFly.

SAP Certified - Integration with SAP NetWeaver applies to HyperDoc® 6.

Swiss Competence Center Records Management Certifies Document Management System of IQDoQ

The document management system HyperDoc of IQDoQ has successfully passed the certification procedure of the Swiss Competence Center Records Management (KRM), located in Zollikon, Switzerland. Here version 6.2 of HyperDoc has been evaluated. The assessment was based on the guidelines of the Swiss Federal Tax Administration (ESTV) regarding the value added tax and the regulation for business records management (GeBüV), in particular its requirements regarding the integrity and security of archived data. As of now IQDoQ distributes the solution enhanced by a requirements configuration for Switzerland which ensures the legal conformity at the end user.

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