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IQAkte Personal

“Innovative products like IQAkte Personal strengthen our portfolio. We’ve long offered a digital workflow for accounting processes – so it was only logical for this to now also go hand in hand with efficient HR processes. For the benefit of our customers!”

Christina Ahlborn


IQAkte Personal

“IQDoQ are as flexible as their document management system: owing to HyperDoc’s modular design, constantly changing technical customer requirements can be implemented within a short space of time. IQDoQ usually works with us to take care of this instantly – and the competent on-site support is simply outstanding.”

Felix Kotzahn


The best solutions arise when experts engage in constructive dialogue

That's why we, too, work with specialists in order to always continue to improve our products and make them even more powerful. Our trust-based collaboration with innovative technology partners, experienced scan service providers and scanner manufacturers as well as technically versed sales partners forms a useful addition to our service portfolio – and offers our partners and their customers significant added value.

Our partner model

Full service partners

Following an in-depth training programme, our full-service partners personally launch IQAkte Personal in our customers’ businesses and support them independently. What’s more, they adapt the software to individual customer requirements. This allows you to expand your product portfolio and acquire new customers in a growing segment.

Reseller partners

As our reseller partner, you will acquire use licences for IQAkte Personal to flexibly sell to your customers. Once you have attended our sales training, the entire marketing process is in your hands: from product presentations to pricing through to the signing of contracts. We will support you with technical training, an in-house IQAkte Personal licence and online manuals.

Operating service partners

Our operating service partners acquire licences to use IQAkte Personal and lease them to their customers on a flexible basis. Following an initial training, they take care of marketing, hosting and service the customer hotline. In return, they benefit from reduced-price licence groups with licences that can be distributed among any number of customers.

Marketing partners

Our marketing partners advise their clients on the use of our products with a focus on user benefits. To make their recommendations, they receive information materials as well as support for their own customer events and sales. For each generated order, they earn commission on sales of licences or leases.

Selected partners


BITMARCK Holding GmbH ist Full Service Partner von IQDoQ.

With over 1,400 employees and an annual turnover of around €260 million, BITMARCK is the largest full-service provider in the statutory health insurance IT market and implements solutions for both company and guild health insurance funds and for DAK-Gesundheit and other approved alternative health funds – that’s insurance companies with a total of approximately 26 million insured persons.


HC Solutions GmbH

HC Solutions GmbH ist Full Service Partner von IQDoQ.

With qualified, highly experienced human resources professionals and modern HR tools, HC Solutions provides modern human resources management for small and medium-sized enterprises: from personnel administration to HR support through to payroll processing. In addition, HR also implements conceptual HR tasks and projects for its customers.



HRV GmbH ist Full Service Partner von IQDoQ.

HRV sees itself as a company that generates valuable contributions to dynamic company management from outdated back office structures. Based in Hamburg, the service company handles the bookkeeping for German and international companies with branches all over the world in the sectors of tourism, services, trade and industry.


humanIT Software GmbH

IQDoQ hat als Technologiepartner humanIT Software GmbH.

Ever since it was founded in 1997, humanIT Software GmbH has focused on the continuous further development of its InfoZoom data analysis software. It enables users without any specialist IT expertise to run ad hoc analyses for any issue and to quickly review the data quality. InfoZoom is deployed in over 1,000 companies in various industries.


imasol GmbH

Imasol GmbH ist Kunde der IQDoQ GmbH.

imasol’s solutions cover data processing, scanning in all formats, document archiving and management, data capturing via ICR, OCR, OMR and manually in accordance with the dual control principle, incoming mail processing, application development and lettershop services.


On-apply GmbH

Other partners

IQDoQ hat als Vertriebspartner A.Weigel Consulting.
IQDoQ hat als Vertriebspartner biz4d.
IQDoQ hat als Vertriebspartner Centric IT Solutions GmbH.
IQDoQ hat als Vertriebspartner DATA Service.
IQDoQ hat als Vertriebspartner Entgeltwelt Entgelt- & Versorgungsmanagement.
Genius ist Partner von IQDoQ.
HCM Experts GmbH sind Partner von IQDoQ.
Letter Scan ist Partner von IQDoQ.
IQDoQ hat als Vertriebspartner LOHNunion GmbH.
IQDoQ hat als Vertriebspartner Nordwest Personalberatung.
Sopar HR ist Partner von IQDoQ.
IQDoQ hat als Vertriebspartner Stefan Werum Consulting.
Tutorize ist Partner von IQDoQ.
IQDoQ hat als Vertriebspartner Perview.
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